Match Report: Oldham 6 – 1 North Walkden

In a thrilling encounter, Oldham emerged victorious with a resounding 6-1 win over North Walkden. The match was filled with standout performances and a display of incredible teamwork that showcased the strength and skill of the Oldham squad.

Minnie, who bagged an impressive hat-trick, showcased her clinical finishing and incredible pace throughout the match. Minnie’s relentless speed and consistent reliability proved to be a game-changer, as North Walkden struggled to keep up with her dynamic style of play.

Adding to the goal tally, Sophia displayed her quick feet and technical prowess, contributing a goal to the team’s impressive victory. The attacking trio, including Lizzie also made significant contributions with three goals collectively, highlighting the team’s offensive prowess.

The Player’s Player of the Match award was Minnie, with her teammates obviously understanding her goalmouth contributions.

On the managerial front, Lauren H received the Manager’s Player of the Match award. Lauren’s non-stop running and exceptional work rate were evident throughout the game. She provided fantastic crosses into the box, and her corner led to the opening goal, showcasing her versatility and all-around skills.

The entire team’s effort and commitment were commendable, with every player contributing to the victory. Lizzie, who came off the bench, made an immediate impact by opening the scoring and eventually completing a hat-trick. Sophia’s agility and ability to take on players were noteworthy, while Courtney made a successful return in her first game of the season.

The unbeaten streak remains intact, setting the stage for another exciting challenge in the upcoming week.

Oldham’s collective effort and commitment were evident once again, making the manager and fans proud of the team’s accomplishments. The positive spirit and determination displayed by the girls bode well for the challenges ahead as they look forward to maintaining their winning momentum.

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