Match Report: AFC Oldham Women 3-1 Eccles United Women (League Cup Quarterfinal)

Date: 21st January 2024

Venue: Salford City Roosters ARLFC

AFC Oldham Women secured a well-deserved spot in the League Cup semi-final with a commanding 3-1 victory over Eccles United Women. Tricky weather conditions, marked by strong winds and rain, made playing on the deck crucial, and Oldham navigated the challenges adeptly.

The match kicked off with Oldham showcasing their prowess down the right-hand side, as Rachel and Amie demonstrated a developing on-field connection. Rachel delivered a precise through ball to Amie, who calmly squared it to Paris. In a clinical finish from close range, Paris put Oldham ahead 1-0, breaking through the defences and finding the back of the net after a series of impressive saves in previous weeks.

Eccles United persisted with long balls throughout the game, leaving their striker isolated and the midfield struggling to control possession. However, just before halftime, Eccles managed to level the score with a long ball into the box from a free-kick, resulting in a well-executed finish and bringing the score to 1-1.

Undeterred by the setback, Oldham shifted into another gear in the second half, dominating proceedings. Rachel, now operating on the left-hand side from midfield, received a brilliant through ball from the returning Sinead and calmly slotted it into the bottom corner, restoring Oldham’s lead.

Oldham sealed the victory with a third goal, as Meg capitalized on a well-timed ball from Rachel, with both wingers showcasing excellent coordination. Throughout the match, Eccles’ outfield player turned goalkeeper, and captain, delivered a stellar performance, making numerous saves that any seasoned keeper would be proud of.

Credit is due to Oldham’s versatile winger-cum-right back, Loz, who consistently kept her opposition at bay, contributed to the team’s forward movement and acted as a reliable last line of defence on multiple occasions.

Post-match celebrations in the changing room were filled with jubilation, highlighting the team’s hard work and a significant shift in mentality over the past few weeks. The reward for AFC Oldham Women is a well-earned place in the League Cup semi-final, a testament to their dedication and teamwork.

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