New AFC Oldham Club Crest!


Our current crest has been with us for 17 years and has seen us through lots of growth and changes at the Club: we’ve launched a website and social media channels, added women’s teams and mental health initiatives, had bespoke football kits produced and developed a new community focus. The way we run and promote the Club has evolved and the game has changed too. So it felt like the right time to take a closer look at our badge and give it a much-needed refresh.


The brief was to create a more modern and versatile crest that shows that we are forward thinking, but still contains the tradition and spirit of our previous badge. It would have to be easily recognisable, work in full and single colour and fit for digital purpose. We also wanted to stick to the colours that AFC Oldham are known for – Orange, Black and White.

Being an Oldham team, the owl on our badge is extremely important to us, but it’s also important to the look of lots of other local clubs too, so we wanted a stronger and more assertive owl for our new look.

Over the last few months, football crest designer Owen Williams has used these guidelines and designed lots of potential ideas. Working with Ross Elliott (Club Media Manager) and Andy Rowlandson (Club Development Officer) we whittled it down to the one above!


Owen said: “Although we explored a variety of directions, this final design retains a large amount of inspiration from the original crest. It was a pleasure working with AFC Oldham on this project and I believe we have delivered a crest that takes the club forward with a strong identity. One of my favourite features is the flexibility of the crest, and the owl can be used alone while remaining identifiable as the AFC Oldham crest.”

Ross commented “We were really excited to work with Owen, we knew his design work for Portobello FC and Upton Park Ladies was excellent, but even still, he’s exceeded our expectations. He’s been a pleasure to work with, his level of research was outstanding and I’m really pleased with the final design. I can’t wait to see it on our new kits.”

Andy Rowlandson added “Using the design skills of Owen, we feel we have achieved our goal of refreshing our recognisable club badge to make it look more modern. I hope the new badge will become an instantly recognisable badge over the coming years.”

Over the next few days, weeks and months, you’ll see the new crest rolled out on the website, social media and very soon on our brand new kits and clubwear!

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