About Us

 AFC OLDHAM was formed in back in 2005, although we are relatively a young club we have roots going back over 50 years in amateur football, all based in the Oldham area.

AFC OLDHAM is the merger of a junior football club called LITTLEMOOR JUNIORS and an open age football club CLARKSFIELD ST. EDWARDS back in 2005.

Prior to this CLARKSFIELD ST. EDWARDS was an open age club that had been strengthened by the introduction of a large section of another local football club, OLDHAM TEACHERS,  who only had one team at the time and brought themselves under CLARKSFIELD ST. EDWARDS umbrella back in 2004 were they ran three teams from a variety of bases in Oldham since 1986 which was when CLARKSFIELD FC and ST. EDWARDS FC - who were both struggling for players at the time, joined together to form a new club to enable the players to continue playing.

Before this CLARKSFIELD FC had played in the South East Lancashire league since the mid 1960’s and was run by AFC OLDHAM’s current President - Peter Bird and one of the founders of AFC OLDHAM – the late Bob Rowlandson.

Back in 2005, members of both CLARKSFIELD ST. EDWARDS and LITTLEMOOR JUNIORS met at what was to become their new home for the next decade – The Dog & Partridge Public House, in the Greenacres area of Oldham, where the then landlord David Giblin along with current AFC OLDHAM Committee members – Jimmy Smith, Teresa Smith and Andy Rowlandson sat down to form AFC OLDHAM 2005 (to give us our official new name).

Over the year’s players and committee members have come and gone but the club has still grown into an amazing club that has high aspirations to go onto bigger and better things in the coming years