Firsts Head Away to Play Swinton

05 Jan 2018 in Fixtures

Firsts Head Away to Play Swinton Firsts Head Away to Play Swinton

Swinton v AFC Oldham

The first game after the Christmas break see the First team head to Wright Robinson College to play Swinton, the game has had a change of location because Swinton's normal home pitch has been deemed unplayable.

Swinton currently sit in 5th in the league with AFCO down in 9th with only 2 wins so far in the league this season. The New Year will hopefully bring AFCO better fortunes on the pitch and will get the results they have deserved on more than one occasion this season.

The league now unless there is some kind of miracle is out of AFCO's reach but hopefully some better results can improve the final league position come the end of the season.


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