Club’s Volunteers Recognised

07 Jun 2018 in News

Manchester FA Grassroots Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

Young Volunteer Award

Best Use Of Social Media

Club Chairman Pete Bird and Photographer Jamie Ross have been recognised for their work for AFC Oldham and grassroots as a whole, both being nominated for individual awards by Manchester FA.

Bird has been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award for his decades worth of service he has provided grassroots in and around Oldham, with Ross in the running for Young Volunteer of the Year.

Both rank as the first individuals to be nominated at the yearly Manchester FA Grassroots Awards in the club’s history, and continues to show how much they have both helped the club grow.

Bird has been volunteering in Oldham’s football scene for over thirty years and has been with AFC for around ten of those, Ross on the other hand has been with the club for under 12 months, but his efforts have played a huge part in our continued growth.

Ross could be celebrating twice come July 13th, with the Social Media Team having also been nominated for their work over the last 12 months.

The Manchester Grassroots Awards will take place at the Midland Hotel on the 13th July, and rewards those in the Grassroots who go above and beyond for football and their clubs.


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